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Consumer Action releases three short videos about online tracking

Contact: Michelle De Mooy, 301-244-5081; Linda Sherry, 202-544-3088

WASHINGTON, DC – National consumer group Consumer Action today releases three short videos with advice for consumers on how to protect their privacy online by enabling “do not track” (DNT) settings and/or using free DNT tools. The videos can be viewed on Consumer Action website RespectMyDNT.org, which is aimed at giving consumers practical information about Do Not Track (DNT), a technical standard still being developed that aims to help consumers prevent or limit online tracking.

When companies follow us around online in order to record information and activities, this is called “online tracking.” Many people are surprised to learn that their activities online, including the websites they visit and services they use, are recorded, collected and shared by marketers.

Consumer Action’s Michelle De Mooy serves as spokesperson on the videos, produced in partnership with Knowlera/MonkeySee. They also can be viewed on Consumer Action’s YouTube Channel.

The three videos are:

•    What’s Online Tracking? This video provides an introduction to online tracking and DNT and an explanation about why people should be concerned about being tracked online. (2.25 minutes)
•    Online Tracking Protections. This video provides an overview on various ways to avoid online tracking, including browser settings, anonymous browsing and cookie blocking. (3.18 minutes)
•    Practical Online Privacy Tips. This video provides specific advice to protecting your privacy online. (2.31 minutes)

About Consumer Action
Through multilingual consumer education materials, community outreach and issue-focused advocacy, Consumer Action (www.consumer-action.org) empowers underrepresented consumers nationwide to assert their rights in the marketplace and financially prosper. 

RespectMyDNT.org is part of Consumer Action’s Do Not Track public education campaign, funded by a general support grant from Microsoft.

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