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Wed, February 19, 2014

Voracious eyes in the workplace »

Brace yourself: The days when we can stare mindlessly at our computer screens, or get up 10 times to go to the bathroom to stave off 3 p.m. sleepiness, or pick our noses in the sanctity of our offices, may be over for good. The ever-present, ubiquitous data vacuum has turned it voracious eyes to your workplace. According to research done by the Economist Intelligent Unit of data analytics company Evolv, an impossbily Orwellian name… read more.

Tue, February 04, 2014

Voice of America: ‘Protecting Online Privacy’ »

Consumer Action's Michelle De Mooy, senior associate for national priorities, joined host Ayesha Tazneem of Voice of America's "On the Line" show to discuss protecting online privacy. Todd Gebhart, vice chairman at the computer security firm McAfee also joined the show. The guests discussed how, despite repeated warnings by privacy advocates and security experts, most consumers do not understand the depth and breadth of the threats to their privacy and security online. "You are being tracked by… read more.

Fri, October 18, 2013

Take 8 (minutes) for our new videos »

Consumer Action, in collaboration with Knowlera/MonkeySee, released three short videos with advice for consumers on how to protect their privacy online by enabling “do not track” (DNT) settings and/or using free DNT tools. Consumer Action’s Michelle De Mooy serves as spokesperson on the videos, produced in partnership with Knowlera/MonkeySee. They also can be viewed on Consumer Action’s YouTube Channel. What's Online Tracking? This video provides an introduction to online tracking and DNT and an explanation about why… read more.

Wed, September 11, 2013

California ‘do not track’ bill is toothless »

How is it possible that a piece of legislation purported to advance the principles of "Do Not Track" does nothing to prevent unwanted tracking? California's AB 370, widely characterized as a "Do Not Track bill,” has inspired both lukewarm praise by some advocates and grumbling from industry as a source of unnecessary regulation.  The bill has been marketed as the first DNT legislation but you know there is something amiss when a bill sails through… read more.

Thu, August 08, 2013

A fair trade? NOT! »

Contrary to what many advertisers say, consumers do not see being tracked as a fair trade for more relevant ads. In a recent survey conducted by Consumer Action for RespectMyDNT.org, more than half of individuals surveyed said they don’t buy the oft-repeated argument by advertisers that consumers are willing to trade their personal information for custom marketing pitches. While the majority of individuals surveyed recognized that their data is often the price of using the… read more.

Thu, July 11, 2013

Compromise and consensus »

I can't decide which is to blame for the neck pain I've been experiencing lately: watching Wimbledon obsessively or watching the back and forth between parties at the W3C.  At their last meeting on July 8, members of the W3C's Tracking Protection Working Group met again to hash out issues on DNT. The ad industry, led by Mike Zaneis, laid out another proposal that was met with general hostility from other parties. The proposal basically… read more.

Tue, June 18, 2013

People want control over tracking. Period. »

June 18, 2013 — Consumers do not want to be tracked online even it means they would receive more relevant advertising, according to the results of a new survey on online tracking released today by Consumer Action. The survey also found widespread confusion as to the extent of online tracking and the existence of consumer privacy protections. “Consumers need to be aware that online companies currently track, collect and share data without asking permission,” said… read more.

Mon, June 10, 2013

Running Off the Rails »

NEW YORK TIMES: After nearly two years of negotiating and little progress, the international group trying to agree on a Do Not Track standard is convening its final official face-to-face meeting next week in Sunnyvale, Calif. Although many people may not know that advertisers and other third parties operating on Web sites install cookies, which are small bits of code that track users’ browsing history, a small subset of consumers have already activated the Do Not… read more.

Mon, June 10, 2013

Preventing the ‘Do Not Track’ Arms Race »

OFFERFORGE.COM: A new digital arms race is looming. Users, advertisers, browser companies, and website owners are pitted against one another in a battle over online advertisements and the way individual consumer information is used to deliver targeted ads. If not defused, escalation around these competing interests will create major problems for both individuals and the businesses that depend on the internet. The issue is coming to a head right now with a major Senate hearing today, new… read more.

Mon, June 10, 2013

Controversy At W3C Meeting »

ADWEEK.COM: A document distributed to members of the international group trying to come up with a Do Not Track standard is causing a lot of fuss, dividing meeting attendees even before they meet in California next week—rendering the meeting practically moot. The "Draft Framework for DNT Discussions Leading Up to Face-to-Face" was distributed Monday during a conference call to members of the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) tracking protection working group, which is meeting May… read more.

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