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Consumer Action has curated this collection of resources about online privacy and “Do Not Track”.
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Digital Dollars: A Consumer Action educational module

Digital Dollars: A Consumer Action educational module »

Consumer Action created the "Digital Dollars" educational module with a grant from Visa Inc. The materials are designed to help consumers protect their identity and data while banking or paying digitally.

ID Theft & Account Fraud - Leader’s Guide

ID Theft & Account Fraud - Leader’s Guide »

This 21-page backgrounder guide is written in question-and-answer format to help you anticipate frequently asked questions about identity theft and account fraud. Reading this guide can help prepare you for in-service or train-the-trainer presentations. Topics include an overview of ID theft and account fraud, how to prevent ID theft, advice for victims and helpful ID theft resources that you can use to find more information or to file complaints.

Profiling the mobile customer »

Mobile customers are increasingly being tracked and profiled by behavioural advertisers to enhance delivery of personalized advertising. This paper by Computer Law & Security Review explores how to best protect consumers’ privacy and personal data through available mechanisms that include industry self-regulation, privacy-enhancing technologies and legislative reform. (You must pay a fee to access this paper.)

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